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Yeah well i have been tagged in the honest thingy as well, but will do after this one :p

I Rule, You Rule, We Rule
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five lovely people to be the next ones to take this quiz. And definitly am going to bore you by doing this per ki farq painda hai :p mainu jhailo hun muhahahahah :p

Favorite Words:

Theek hai: I use that alot, when i talk, seriously alot, when ever i am making someone understand something its like theek hai, theek hai yeh ker laina theek hai and oh i say it in a very cute way ;)
Fuck : i use every single form of it :p well not say it, just when am writing... warna i sometimes say what the F!!!!!!!!
Shit: lol, you don't need to be shitting around me for me to say this word i just say it for the sake of saying it :p
Hmmm: well am all quiet and listening i start doing this :D
Dash: well everyone of you are just dash, hun khudi fill ker lo jo vi kerna hai ;)

Favorite characters (Fiction) :

Jason Bourne: He is the dude, well i just love his charachter, the time when i read its book i wished that its movie should be made and this guy did justice to it :D

Robert langdon
: Well i always wanted to be smart like him :$ and for those who don't know who he is, he is the charachter from Dan brown's book :)

Scooby doo: Mazaak mat uraaoo i lub scoobyy dobbby dooooo :D

Spongebob: :p

Shushmita sen from the movie SAMAY: well i loved her charachter, i think her name was DCP Malvika chauhan in it, uff i loved that bandi's acting. And the charachter, although clues just came right infront of her and stuff, per she acted well especially at the end when she finds her daughter dead and the way she reacts bloody genius!!

Words That Must Be Banned :

Acha: why do people even use this word especially non stop saying acha... wtf dude speak something..
Ahan: Am getting to hear this alot seriously alot FATI bas ker dohhhhhh mar jaoun gaa mai yeh sun sun ker, agay mayray bachay bhi tauba karain gain is word sey is liye mayri maa bas ker doh!!!!
Nothing: have my reasons for hating this word, when ever i ask a girl key whats up ya what you doing the only answer i get is NOTHING!! NOTHING AT ALL jahiloun sans toh lay hi rahi ho gi wohi keh do =/
Ubaid Ullah: YESHHHH!! my name should be banned, especially being called my full name *sigh* mujhey dar hi lagta hai key kab mayri ama aa ker mujhey dantnay lagein hain :p
Jerk: yes nimzz i hate this word!!! and it should be banned!!

Favorite One Liners :

-A dream is a wish your heart makes. (stole this from jal pari but well its my fav too :p)
-LIE sits right in the middle of the word beLIEve
-In order to have friendship you must look past the color to the soul, because within the soul lies a rainbow of many colors
-Until We are together no one can hurt us
-Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

(well all of these are my favourite lines, ab koi COPY MAT MARAY!!!)

Favorite Books:

Angels and demons by Dan brown
Falling Bodies by Andrew Mark
The Bourne series
Vigil by Nadia Wheatly
The Harry Potter series.

I Tag:
Siras, Xnb, Nikki, Brok3n and Xeb

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  1. Hey very interesting ..aur suna? ;)

  2. Woh baad kee baat..phelay kuch important baatain hai..

  3. About you know who ! Soch raha hoon appropiate hay yahan baat karnee ya nahin?

  4. @brat
    I don,t even know who you are, and i seriously don't who you are talking about, so it actually doesn't matter anything unless you introduce your self properly....

  5. The why did you say, how u found out this link>.. instead of saying welcome to my blog.... hmm /0-0/

  6. Ok Ok i'll tell u who i am... i have been assigned the job of extracting some very key information out of u Ubiadullah..ur arch enemy, as what my boss likes to call himself, nay mujay info dee hai..kay tumara blog paroon .. and it for a very important purpose..HAAN putar.. yes.. aur abee tho kafi baki hay kenaa... say whatever u want, do whatever u want, ur bloag is under chavee ghantaay investigation and is being watched...
    call me brat..ab yaay comment delete kaardoa ...joa maarzee karo..time i have is 6 months to get that key info..... this is a vital mission...

  7. Aur maay taayraa ghalt fammy door kard doon...may woh brat nahi hoon jis kay vaaraay tu soch raha thaa...!

  8. i see tume Ubiadullah kaay log, nahi pasand.. then what should i call u..PUTAR ?

  9. Tke it eaysy Ubiad, i am not here for swearing..or abuse..jus some important info..

  10. It jus is..man i cant tell, thats wat my boss say..uss nay kaha kaay nahi bataanaa ...warna woha apna blog secret kardaay gaa....

  11. That would be the last thing my boss wants , kaay thum apnaa blog secret kora... chalo theek hai..see me as a new follower thats it notin else..

  12. Who knows ? I am a guy, but my boss is a girl .. maybe..waisy she did'nt tell me exactly why she wants this job done..waisey tho..khud bee kaar saktee thee ! know am stuck with this pleasure hahaah

  13. Sahi iss bhanaay guy reder be milgayaa aur meri boss kaa mission be complete ho jai ga

  14. Sahi..mai tho uss kay order paar hoon..warna i aint interested..ur right amna samna kaa kuch aur hee maza hai...and do u no shes keepin track of ur blog..readin ur old posts...uss naay kaha tha kaay apna nama brat rakh ho.. waisey tho shes a good friend of mine..likin shes not told me why shes doin this.. aisay lagta hai jaise may uss ka gadha hoon.. u no what i am not gonna do this job, woh khud karaay..i know ur readin this.. I QUIT ! its absolutely stupid...aur maraay pass 6 months nahi... i dont want to this job, it looks riduclous...and stupid.. go find urself another gadha..MISS JEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I do have the 4th book, but never read it for the fear that Eric Van Lustbader might have ruined a perfectly good character. Tell me the name doesn't sound fishy.

    Oh, and turn your comments to registered users.

  16. Oh my GOD! That is such a difficult tag! :o

    I like your favorite one liners :)

  17. @Bakemono:
    ohh, i wouldn't wanna read that... coz writer has changed...

    and well no this is not my friend... my friends which are very less are good, they don't do such stupid stuff... this one is some cheap DASH who has no life!!!


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