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For some people in my life, who tortured me, who made me think i can never do it, who thought that am a loser, and for me to clear A-levels with such tough subjects in 1 month 24 days, of tution would be impossible i just have to say WAJOOOOOOOOO!!!! I PASSED!!!

And for others who supported me, would like to mention some names, but well i guss the list is too long, so would do that someother day.... Thank you for supporting, and being there for me even though i was unable to be there for you all, but you all supported me, i LOVE YOU ALL!! and yes lots of bloggers are part of it....

And oyee Komal, your message was really sweet kiddo.... i loved it, thanks for being there, and supporting me... and no am not being emo :p :p

And hmmm mom i love you for keeping your trust in me, that i would clear this. Although everyone said me not to, because i would never be able to pass according to them.... But you made me understand that OTHERS don't matter, atleast not anymore... I MATTER... and well this is the lesson which i always have to remember :)

And least but the most important.... I would love to thank ALLAH, without HIS blessings i would never be able to do that, coz frankly i never expected it....

And i know many of you would be interested in knowing my grades i got 1-A, 1-C and a D.... for many of you these aren't much, but for me these do mean something, and help me in getting admission where i want :) And oh by the way i got to know my percentages as well (have my source, british council lahore head - a friend) so i must tell you, if i would have got a little, seriously a little marks more, these grades would have changed, but Alhamdulillah... am happy for what i got :)

Note: i would reply to your comments soon, and i have disabled the anonymous comment thingy, so i would request you all to pls sign in and comment in a proper way, and as usual would love to read your comments so don't forget commenting.... AND OYEE ABHI TAK KON MUJHEY FOLLOW NAHI KER RAHA?? INSAAN BANOO!! SAMAJH AAYEE AND FOLLOW ME :D

So i guess its party time now?? chodo chodo sab rone dhone.... chodo chodo dukh aadhe paune.... dekho dekho din sohne mone... lets have some party sharty!!! *in a typical punjabi tone* SOHNYOO!! aa jao sadi gali vich kuch bhangra shangra ho jayee ;) So anyways mujhey paray paraay log kya GIFAAATT day rahein hain??? -_^

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