Yet another love sick poyam

3:33:00 AM

Your face puts me in a never ending state,
One where I recall your smiling face,
The one that made me give you a key,
To my heart, hoping and knowing that we will never ever part,

Swearing on the stars in the sky,
That we will not and won't ever be,
Like another couple, never meant to be,

But then you departed, and left me distraught,
With questions distrubing my thoughts,
Of how you couldn't tell I loved you well enough,
That your presence took my breath away,
Caused adrenaline to esclate to new heights when you're by my side,

But the question that still is remaining in my head,
Is why you never said what I did wrong,
Or better yet, why can't you see I'm dying without you...

Was bored, so wrote it.... It has no meaning what so ever...

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