9:34:00 AM

Ajnabi shehar hai
ajnabi shaam hai
zindagi ajnabi kya tera naam hai
ajeeb hai ye zindagi ye zindagi ajeeb hai
ye milti hai bicharti hai bicharke phir se milti hai
Ajnabi shehar hai
ajnabi shaam hai

Yes people, am still alive... And well its just that i don't what to write anymore, i know most of you would agree there are times when there is so much going on in life that you just don't understand what to write about, or what to think about and you just let the life take over and let it lead the way. So am having one of those times... I just don't have the time to think, think foolish things :p oh i mean things which you people think are foolish...

And stupid UFONE and LSE... the area in which my university is, is having issues with EDGE and GPRS... its not working there, so yes am wasting like 1k per month on my internet bills, when i don't even get the chance to use it.....

And oh yeah, everybody loved the eid card which i made... and am loving my cam :D Eid pictures came out awesome, that reminds me i have to upload second album :p janta houn am just too self obsessed :) per like who cares about others.... i mean alot to me...

Oh, and if anyone of you wanna see eid pictures on my blog do tell me, i'll upload some of them over here as well :)

Main ab bhi bohat ziyada bolta houn naah?? -_- pata hai pata hai :D

So all my readers, how are you doing?? Misshiing me?? O_^ ........ i know i have been away from blogging and stuff, per yesh i do miss all of you and SOME of you alot :$ (khush ho jaoo, public main keh rahan houn)

Oye logoun help me out, i don't have anything to write about :s Like the only thing i know is this bakwasiyat wala section, or the love related posts -_- ... bakwasiyat toh main kerta hi rahoun gaa... per love one, i just don't want to write anything about that... I don't have anything to say about it, although i just wrote a post about it, which i'll upload when i feel like it... per waisey i don't want too... So suggest something... coz i desperately wanna write...

That reminds me, i have to write an essay too =/ oh oh oh i am scoring the highest grades in COMMUNICATION SKILLS ... yet doing bad in economics =/

khair take care all of you, and the oyee the people who didn't wish me eid, and are avoiding me aap sey main mukhatib ho ker keh rahan houn... BHAR MAIN JAO :@ shakal naa dikhana ainda kabhi =/

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