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Yeah i know i have been away, like really wala away... I guess i have a real life now :p my virtual existence is fading or something!! Oh oh before i say something else lemme tell you i bought a new camera :D... yes its alaaaaa... waisey i was suppose to buy something else =/ per coz of some reasons i bought this (yes money issues) ab main kangla houn :p Khair i don't know what to write anymore, no i don't have a writers block am cold hearted i guess, that angel one was the last post with feelings... abhi i guess i need to come back to blogging coz its simply LOVE...

By the way my cam:

Its not that high figh, nor what i actually wanted... per khair its quick, handy, has nice flash, light, and oh yeah i love its macro mode!!

Lse is going fine too... just been busy with studies, why are studies so hard :( .... khair its good i have been busy... per Like almost infact all of my friends are either angry with me, or upset or they think Lse chicks have stole me away =/ (yes faria your thoughts are included in it too) every one thinks like am ignoring them or something =/ PEOPLE SAMJHOO YAAR BUSY HOUN!!! per perrr... all of this makes me feel GOOD .... atleast i know all of them love me :p ... and care for me... is liye jab main nazar nahi aata they start to miss me :D *yes am feeling especialll*

khair one of my best friend N (most of you know her name) was so possesive read the convo below:

N says:
ok u know what here r the rules for u...
since i am ur best friend
U says:
ok bolo
N says:
i am allowed to tell u what to do
if its for ur own good
so frm now
till eid
thatz like
3 days
lets seee if u can control it
U says:
acha baba bolo, control what :s
N says:
no flirting ..
at allll
U says:
N says:
talk nicely ..yes .. per don't become overly nice that the girl thinks its ok for her to flirt
got it?
U says:
=/ bus?
N says:
for now
U says:
so can i hug people in these 3 days and give shoulder to the ones who need ?? :$
N says:
shoulder ...yes
not physically
U says:
chalo done... NO FLIRTING .... NO being PHYSICAL... not being the EXTRA NICE ubaid... what else? =/
N says:
thatz all
U says:
can i flirt with you ?? :D
N says:
im serious naa
U says:
just asking!!! :$ :$ :$ :$

P.S i know i have not been visiting your blog, per i'll be there soon... miss mee pleaajj :D
P.P.S komal ney mujhey aaj ulluuu banaya :( :(
P.P.P.S aaj mayliii birthay hai... so wish me people... khair not the real one... LUNAR ONE :D

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