Be my

7:40:00 PM

It's that thing people thrive for, die for.
You want more of it.
But can't get it.
You want to escape the pain its given to you.
But you can't.
You want to know how it feels.
But you can't.
You want it.
But you can't have it.
You're hurt because of that.
It's because it's love.
It's that little thing thousands of songs have described.
It's that little thing that hundreds of movies have played.
It's that little thing that barely any people have truely understood.
You can search your entire life for it, and can die without it.
It has made people cry over and over again.
It has made people give their own life.
It has made people jealous, angry, upset.
It's not fair, is it?
Not fair you can't...
Get enough of it.
Escape it.
Find it.
Get it.
This little word is found everywhere.
Wherever you are, it's there.
Wherever you look, it's there.
Everyone knows it.
It's because it's love.
In the end, this little thing is going to be there.
So lemme come to the main point

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