Dragged to drug

10:20:00 PM

*The music below is essential to create a feel, and i would appreciate if you don't comment about the music*

Somethings disappear inside
Should I try to run away

If I could I would escape you

I won't argue anymore
I have lost the will to be

Hope you don't think I'm ungrateful

All he wants at the moment is to get high, no, it's not a must but yes, he wants to be high and numb at the same time... He wishes that he smoke, or drink or do some drugs... No he isn't mad he is just tired, frustrated, agitated and may be a little happy.... anyway, all he needs tonight is his special drug, his sasta nasha which he calls COPRITE and music... Music was him, music was life to him, and music was what he needed to survive.

2am this time
and not a wink of sleep...
lost everything he thought he'd always keep

a best friend,
and he see's too late that he let it burn
but his ice cold heart can no longer yearn...

each heartbeat aches and echoes inside his chest
but the feeling in his soul is layed to rest

a lost love and even the new prospect snatched
he's floating on nothing,
mind slightly detached

He takes out chilled sprite, and adds freshly ground coffee in it, it gives a strong buzz then he add's a little mint and very little lemon zest in it... takes few sips....

trapped in a void,
destroyed but strong
staring into nothing,
absently humming song...

a cold chill spreads,
from the inside out
everything spins and sanity is placed in doubt

finaly heavy eyelids invite the night
a train passes by,
too worn out to fight....

Turns on another track...

See the mirror in your eyes;
See the truth behind your lies

Your lies are haunting me
See the reason in your eyes
Giving answer to the why:
Your eyes are haunting me!

Drinks another glass.... That's exactly what he wants to do; get high until he dies. So he that he doesn’t have to make it through, the pain which makes him doomed. This world is so frustrating, he needs to stop blaming it and forget about everything, he can't do anything about this, so death became his only desire. He needs another way to die because he's so afraid of pain, the flesh, the scars; it pains him, diseases eating him, destroying. His mind, paranoia, and it stress him... He's alive but it kills, this time she said to the world love will be your death and she laughs about it like... She laughs like it wasn't sad... That loving someone would kill you, make you insane, frustrate you... Why not even a chance? Why he gets so... He feel's so stupid for believing that dreams are dreams, all he needs is some sleep. He hates it, why is love so deep? So many other problems that he has why should he even care...? Solve them? He wouldn't even dare... He doesn't need it; He'll only need his own self... Fight? What for? He’s a loser. Get high until he die's, eating, sleeping and getting high would you join him on this crime? No, you're afraid of it too, unless you feel like dying, like sometimes we feel cool, not cool but cold with a need to disappear, to stop thinking, to laugh; a little more weed or coprite or music that's his mind warmer... Laugh, feel good, not care; that's what he really needs *takes another sip* he wants to live forever he wants to get high forever... So high, flying through the sky... Never having the need to cry... Never having the need to die... Just watching everything and never... Caring about it, just laughing and staring... No matter how bad the weather... Nothing would hurt his soul... I guess don’t believe in what you hear... Don't believe in what you read... Don't believe in what you feel... Don't believe in what you see... Let's not turn this into a sin... Let’s not turn this into a sin....

I don't like this place at all
Makes me wonder what I'm here for
Someone take this pain away
Dying to see another day
And I don't want to be your friend
Or pretend I can fit into I'm incensed,
I'm blown away
Dying to see another day

*falls unconscious*

The next thing you know he is no more, no it wasn't the drug, nor he harmed him self... guess it was God who heard him and gave him peace, which he desired. He didn't wish death, nor he wanted to live the life he was living he just wished for another day, a new better life, yet his breath gave up on him.....

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