Eid Time

3:43:00 PM

So I got tag by Asma and i ain' gonna tag anyone!!

1. What are you wearing for eid? What color is it? ;)

Shalwar Qameez, i don't wear it much but on eid i always do :D and lol this time i am being a part of men in black :p So all my clothes are in black, this shalwar kameez is in black as well :D

2. How do you intend to spend chand raat? Whats the usual norm?

I don't like spending chand raat, i just prefer to sit at home :)

3. How do you spend Eid? Go for namaaz or sleep late?

Well i spend eid with family, firstly wake up at my usual time which is 6am and wake every single person at home :p (yes i like doing that) then get ready and go for namaz... then we all have breakfast together (i live in joint family) after that we have lots of kids at home which study suparah over here we give them eidee and then guests come and go so we greet them... After that we all have lunch together which my mom cooks :D

4. What’s the menu on Eid?

Just finalized the menu so could brag about it :p Anyways the menu is Chicken jalfrezi, Chikar Chanay, Pooriyan, Roghni Naan, Bake Pefla chicken, salad, drinks(sprite with lemon) and in sweet dish its not finalized as yet but it would either be chocolate moouse or cake with ice-cream...

We are lots of people over here, so its fun :p

5. Share 5 Eid festivity related pictures of your choice. (you can post ur eid dress, preparations pictures too ;) )

Yes i love bandi's with mehndi on :D i don't like the smell per it looks awesome... Fatima i know you hate it per lol, i am loving it when your sister irritates you with this and oh oh komal you would look awesome too but sigh you hate it too :(

The sound of banglesss <3

My shalwar kameez is kinda similar just in black and few other things is different :p

Buhahah rozay khatam, cafe party scene on :D oh yeah a new cafe just opened near my university :)

Eid per dhol bajay gaaaaaaa :D

P.s any bandi interested in mehndi and chooriyan and is wearing a cool traditional outfit on eid contact me A.S.A.P i have to say lots of lovy dovy things to you :p

Nimz 3 days are over aj sey mai azad houn :-D

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