First day

2:25:00 AM

So yeah, now i can finally say i have started my University life, although i had started my proffesional life like 2 - 3 years ago... per started the university one just now.... And somehow it sucks!!!

So anyways my first day.... lets see

- It rained hard (i mean really really hard, it was raining all day, God wasn't willing to stop it)
- Got drenched in water, university was flooded
- Mobile got water damaged (now i have to pay bloody big bucks to get it fixed, so am cell-less at the moment)
- Got ragged twice (i am proud that it was only two times and just lost 350 rs in total)
- My section sucks, and the time table as well i got the last slot daily (which is 4.30 to 6.30, so that would make me come home at like 8 coz its a 1.15 mins drive from my place to uni)
- My class fellows are mostly girls just 7 guys out of 30 (and out of 7, 4 are nerds woh jo hotay hain naah chupa ker test kernay wali kom woh walay, and 3 have attitude issue) And the girls... well lse is always famous because of having the most fit girls :p
- You have to keep you eyes down in roza if you don't want to ruin it :p (especially in rain if you know what i mean ;d)
- Math teacher is boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg (i fell asleep in the class during his lecture)
- Micro Economic... teacher she's nice... per she is strict.... she took a quiz on the very first day...
- Most of the guys are jerk over there... atleast the ones i met...
- Oh yeah i found some links there so i hope no one would do ragging tommorow (prays)
- And oh yeah i did ragging too (you don't wanna know how) per i was actually trying to save my class fellows coz *sigh* they don't know how to defend themselves!!

Anyways chalta hai... hanging there :p lets see what happens next!! And oh yeah i am going to change my class (:

P.s won't be able to visit your blog for few days!!

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