Happy birthday

5:11:00 PM

First of all, i wanna wish mom Happy Birthday.... love you mom yaar.... you simply rock... baki sari wishes real main subah sey ker hi rahan houn...

Second... its Angel's birthday today... and well i guess i don't have any way to wish you!! I don't know i was expecting to suffer like anything to whine, to cry, to bleed, or to hurt my self today... That why i am not able to wish you, per nothing is like that... am not allowing my brain or my heart to think about it... Per now, when i sat infront of the pc, going through documents i found a picture of you, which you took for me, and lol... it is a nice pic, and memories recall.... Oye suno...

Have I ever crossed your thought?
Speak to me, my dear.

Have you ever thought about me?
Speak to me, spill the truth.

Have you ever wish we could be together again,
Have you ever wished to read my mind?

Have you ever think about me,
Do you care if I bleed?

Have you ever lean on me,
Would you care to do so,
If I ask you to free your mind,
And let the worry free in the air,
With you in my arms?

Have you ever think,
What's in your mind, Ubaid?

Have you ever think,
Why did you said that you loved me,
And why did I said that I love you?
When you knew you would disown me at the hour of need.

Have you ever wished to know what's on my mind,
Does my mind confuses you,
As much as yours confuses me?

Have you ever wish to talk to me,
Just like I always wish to hear your voice,
And speak to me?

Have you ever wish to understand me,
Just like I wish to understand you, my dear?

Have you ever wished that i was with you today? Naah, i don't think that you even gave a single thought about me today... Khair i just want to tell you that i STILL love you, a month left... then it would be a year without me... and you thought i would be broken, shattered and dead by now without you? Hai naa? Per khair.. am fine... infact rocking....

Oye Sunoo.... Happy birthday yaar.... miss you very much....

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