My Own Demise

7:39:00 PM

My own demise, my own torture, brought on by who you may ask? Myself, my emotions, my loneliness. I curse myself knowing you're not here my dear. I've dreamt sweet and blissful dreams of how we reunite. Seeing you my dear would be a eternal paradise,a freeing of myself.But I continue to be agonized and tortured by my own mind,wondering of your well being.This damned organ inside of me,my heart, caused me nothing but agony and depression.The sadness of ones lives taken each day by this cruel world. It's so horrible this pain in my chest,watching innocent lives taken by the hands of someone else. Such ordeals we as mere humans can never understand,
being toyed with by this one organ can easily be ripped out by ones expense.This one organ has with it,my favorite emotion. The love I carry for you my dear,that will never change. I will always
love you no matter what,that is my only crime ...but my only happiness as well.........

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