One day u'll know

12:30:00 PM

People say they love each other one day
Than the next day they say they don't feel the same
Love is a rather funny thing
It saves you, than leave you to hang

I'll never understand love
First your partner is your saving dove
But before you know it, you're on a cliff and they give you a shove
Sometimes you just wish you were gone and up above

Love is a hard things to understand
One day you're on firm land
The next it's being washed away like sand
To tell you the truth, I'm not sure where I stand

I've been in good
Though some I could take back if I could
Sometimes I try to remember where I once stood
Things like this can be as hollow as wood

Love makes the heart burn with a fire
But soon you are called a lier
These things cant be replaced like wires
It is fragile and breakable just like old tires

Don't give up on this love brand new
It wont give up on you
Show the world what you can do
Than one day the world will know what you once knew....

(Something old, wrote in the days when i actually knew how to rhyme :p)

Originaly written on

17th januray 2009

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