Today's aftari

4:07:00 PM

Today was my holiday, which was quite boring suchi main... And dad had invited guests over, some friends of his who are going to Australia *sigh* just for a week for the sake of relaxing... Lol paki people never stop surprising me, especially the paindo's with lots of money who i guess won't even know how to spell the name of the country they are going to...

Anyways so there's some awesome food cooked, ok i mean being cooked... And am in the kitchen helping mom, and typing this useless post just for the sake to ignore dad yelling that how much longer will it take etc... Yes this looks rude ignoring him and typing this per well i ain't rude am just hungry... And the food is tempting me... Oh darn i just remembered i won't be uploading this post untill i sit on the pc... Coz i have to add pictures in it... So anyways,

Todays menu for aftar:
Fruit salad
Swiss chicken rolls
Assorted dates
Thai spring rolls
Potato samosa's
Peach cobler - drink

Menu for dinner:
Egg fried rice
Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple
Schezwan chicken
Oriental chicken wings - a new recipe and they are way too good
Paper chicken

Chocolate fudge brownie with paraline ice cream

I guess thats it... And my dad still thinks we need to add some more things to aftari menu -_-.... So well dead tired at the moment not me mom... Am just normal tired because its very hot and loadsheding has started again...

P.s will upload the pictures if i get the chance to take and if my battery lasts that long...

Updates 7:55 pm: Aftari have been served to them, and YEAHHH they brought 3 kgs barfi for us which has kajoo in it... *sigh* -_- what are we gonna do with barfi... couldn't they have brought cake or something nice... i would have loved choclates, as the guy came from dubai 2 days back so he would have that per NOOO he had to bring a thing which am totally not interested in =/

Updated 8:48 pm:

well i didn't get the chance to take much pictures per here you are some of the pictures...

Swiss chicken rolls

Mutabbak (an arabic dish)

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