With the sight of the moon

6:05:00 PM

With the sight of the moon,
I remember you
And your shy beautiful eyes,
Oh how their innocence pierced me,
As though they’d never seen anyone before.

I remember you
And your finger loving hair,
My hands ate up the feel when gliding through it,
Its softness now trapped on my skin.

I remember you
And your warming hands,
They caressed me with shameless affection
That healed the soul beneath the flesh.

I remember you
And your playful charming smiles,
An innuenduous grin dancing on your lips
Informed me of your mischievous plans.

I remember you
And your heart stopping kisses,
The way they always left me breathless,
Wanting to meld with you forever.

I remember you,
I’ve memorized your every part,
I know every corner, block and piece
That completes this jigsaw puzzle of you.

But I’ve forgotten me,
The happy go lucky guy that lovingly always wrapped you in his arms
Alone has faded from my recollection,
Eroded by distance and time.

I remember you though,
Losing myself is a small price to pay
For the endless comfort your existence brings,
But in return, will you please remember me?
Remember me in happiness, and in sorrows...

All am wishing at the moment is
to say to you just two words "Eid Mubarik",
I guess it's just too much too ask........

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