23rd October

10:08:00 AM

A year passed, no not of us being together but of us being seperate. So i guess today would be a day of celebration for you and a day of moarning for me, per guess what i so don't wish to moarn, be sad or do any stupid thing today!!

It hit me now,
this is weak,
Letting the words you say,
Letting your actions,
your rudeness, your attitude,
make my tears leak,
I cut and screamed,
I bled, I cried.
I lost everything because of you,
For a while there I wished I died.
Yes i even tried.
But, I can see now
I don't need you anymore.
You're just a stupid person,
who walked out the door.
So no more crying,
no more bleeding,
no more dying,
no more needing.
Im doing fine now,
who knew!?
Im going to go on
and live without you.

Blaming you gives so much pleasure at time, per ok fine... no more bakwas today, i ain't whining... I ain't weak! But i just don't miss you anymore, not the way i used to! The only purpose of me writing this is because i actually remembered you today, wished that you were here... wishing to hold you for a moment.... Lol...

Aaj poocha ik dil daar ney mayra mizag,
per bay saktha laboun pay tayra naam aa gaya...
Hum ney tumharay baad naa kisi sey aas rakhi...
Ik tajurba hi kaafi tha,

Some people think am the guy who whines over his girl lol, so this post would be fun to read for those people i guess :p

I wish i could forget you per mobhabbat phir mohabbat hai.... kabhi dil sey nahi jaati.. hazaroun rang hain is key... Ajab hi dhang hai is key... Kabhi sehra, kabhi darya, kabhi jugnu, kabhi aansu... Hazaroun roop rekhti hai... Badhan jhulsa key jo rakh de... kabhi woh dhoop rekhti hai.... Kabhi ban ker yeh ek jugnu, shab-e-gham key andheroun main... diloun ko aas dayti hai... Kabhi manzil kinaaray per, pyaasa maar dayti hai... Aziyaat hi aziyaat hai... MAGAR... yeh bhi haqeeqat hai.... Mohabbat phir mohabbat hai, kabhi dil sey nahi jaati.....!
Love does fade away... But it leaves a mark, in the form of beautiful memories.... I don't have feelings at the moment for you or else i would have tried to sum it up in just few words what i wish to say.... You know what in the crowd, you’re just another face to me now... but even though i know that you’re gone, you leave a trace... Somehow like a whistle fades away, you never did...
With every para, every line i contradict my self... Contradict the things which i said... Mazay ki cheez houn naah main!!

1 year of seperation (weird sort, till few months back it was something like seperated yet connected wala scene)! WOW... we survived... balkay I SURVIVED and you thought i never would :)

Choro janay daytay houn in shakeesta dil ki aahoun ko....
Agar kisi ko ehsas hota toh hum bikhartay hi kyun.....

P.S I found my savior and unlike you... SHE CARES!!!

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