10:14:00 AM

Yeahhh we got two new ducks... still not named them as yet per yesh we got a pair :D Itni paarii hain mayray ko toh bohat mazzaa aayingzz in key sath khelnay kaa!! Pic vekhoo in ki:

Khair you all would be missing me hai naa? I know i know :p Mayray ko chutiyan hain thori, my midz got delayed :( :( Anyways i know i haven't been visiting your blogs... per the thing is either i upload my blog or check yours! So i would be visiting your blogs soon... pls do me a favor all of you just gimme the links of the posts which are most important to read... been missing you all!!

Yeah i hope i keep on blogging though :D

And behn di sirri kya takleef hai terrorist ko :(

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