Mayray ko title samjh nahi aa raha :$

2:13:00 PM

Baichainiyan hain, sansein ruki hai, tanhaiyoun main tayri kami hai...... Ankhoun mai ansoo thamtay nahi hain... kaisay hain yeh pal kat tay nahi hain, dard - e - tanhai mai!! Pholoun ki shakein hain katoun sey saji, mitnay sey naa mitay gi dil ki yeh bey basi..... Jo hum pey guzri hai bitay tum per bhi kabhi tum ko bhi yaad aaye beetiii baatein sabhi... Being selfish, is the thing which i would love to do at the moment, yes i want to be selfish. Reason for it is maybe its one of the things which i never became, i am selfish to some extent. Having you in my life, wanting you to be a part of my life is one of my selfishness!! I want you to suffer, i want you to remember each and every moment we spent together. Pata nahi, am confused!! I don't know what i want and what not... am not freaking depressed per phir bhi feeling ajeeb sa, i wish i could like just have a another day with you...

*Wrote the above thing on 18th August 2009*

I had holiday today, eventhough mids are coming but didn't feel like studying... did stain glass all day, as there was no light. And also did some painting. I look like a mess, have lots of bruises as well (won't tell the reason of it)... Per somehow doing this gave me so much bliss and happiness... spending time with my own self felt so good... and yes another day with you sounds so good, i have so much to ask from you, so many why's, what, if and how mostly WHY's to ask from you....

P.s My nick name these days given by my class fellows and friends:
  • Snake charmer
  • Tharki uncle
  • Baidii
It felt so good actually writing something proper on my blog :p

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