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Well there was this application on facebook... SOMEONE (-_^) told me to do it... so did it :D had nothing to update so socha yehi ker doun :p if anyone feels like doing it, do it!!

Midz going bad waisey :( anyways....

The Basics

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Light brown

Height: 5'9

Profession: Allah hi janda hai :p

Relationship Status: Filhaal Comitted ;)

Religious Views: I prefer to keep them to myself

What's Your Sign?: Taurus

Any Siblings?: 1 younger brother

Shoe size: 42

Where were you born?: Lahore

Righty or Lefty?: Righty

Any pets?: Parrots and ducks

What month were you born in?: May

My Favorites

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Car: Porsche Cayenne turbo sports SUV

Favorite Movie: Fracture (its hard to decide one movie)

Favorite Hobby: Photography, digital art

Favorite Song/Singer: Everything - lifehouse

Favorite Book/Author: Angels and demons - Dan brown

Favorite School Subject: English

Favorite Vacation Destination: Scotland

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Restaurant: Salt n pepper

Favorite Animal: White tiger

Favorite Celebrity : Anthony hopkins

Favorite Childhood Friend: Umer Imam ud din

Favorite Childhood Memory: Remedial classes in last year of school

Favorite Baby Name: Zeemal

Favorite Person In Your Life: I would prefer another question over here :p

Favorite Facebook Application : Likeness application

Favorite Possession: My watch

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: KFC

Comedian: Jim (from according to jim)

Favorite Holiday: Spring break

Favorite Number: 3

Favorite Month: December

Favorite Flower: Orchids

Favorite Ice Cream: Paraline

Favorite Smell: Individule by Monte blanc

Favorite Drink: Peach cobbler

Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby doo

Favourite kind of pants: Jeans kinda baggy

This or That

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Big Mac or Whopper: Big mac

Coke or Pepsi : Coke

Beer or Wine: None

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Apple Juice or O.J.: Apple juice

Facebook or MySpace: Facebook

Summer or Winter: Winter

Windows or Mac: Windows

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Rain or Shine : Rain

Chips or Popcorn: Chips

Salty or Sweet: Sweet (mix of both would be more preffered)

Plane or Boat: Plane

Morning or Night: Night

Movie or Play: Movie

Walk or Drive: Drive

Money or Love: Love

Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner

Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness

Paint or Wallpaper: Paint

House or Apartment: House

Truth or Dare: Truth

Contacts or Glasses: Glasses

Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Mud

Skiing or Boarding: Skiing

Silver or Gold: Silver

Diamond or pearl: Diamond

Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset

Phone or in person: In person

Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Oldest

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor (depends)

Do You?

Have Any Pets: Yes

Have Any Children: No

Smoke: No

Drink: No

Exercise: Yes

Spend Your Life On Facebook: Used to

Play On A Sports Team: No, more like a solo player :p

Belong To Any Organizations: Yes, infact many

Love Your Job: I don't have one :(

Like To Cook: Yup

Play An Instrument: I wish!!!

Sing: Baysuri awaaz main :p

Dance: Yeah, couple dance is more preffered ;)

Speak Multiple Languages: Yup can speak english, urdu, spanish, punjabi and a bit of arabic

Ice Skate: Haven't tried but i sure want to

Swim: Love swimming

Paint: Love painting

Write: Writing is my vent

Ski: DUH!!! i live in pakistan

Juggle: Naah, not interested

Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: Yes wished this like a million times... would love to be in austrailia

Do you like roller coasters?: If they are not pakistani :p

Enjoy spending time with your Mother?: Yes, and prefer to do much often

Ever think about the price of gasoline?: Yeh sawal pakistani ney banaya ho gaa :p

Sleep with a fan on?: Yup, kambal bhi layta houn main :$

Have a good handle on spelling?: Good in spellings bad in grammar

Ever type "kik" instead of "lol?: Nope...

Know how to play chess?: Yes, am pretty good in playing chess

Ever miss being a little kid?: Nope... i like what i am :p

Want to get married?: As soon as possible ;)

Have You Ever
Stolen Anything: It could be said borrowing ;)

Been Drunk Before Noon: No

Had Sex In A Public Place: Sounds exciting!! Per NO!

Got Caught Telling A Lie: Yes, many times...

Got A Speeding Ticket: Yes

Been Arrested: Yes

Littered: Yes

Fantasized About A Co-Worker: aaaa... No

Cheated On A Test: YESHHH :D

Cheated In A Relationship: NO!!!!

Failed A Class: Subject yes, class No!

Screened Your Phone Calls: Yup, still do!

Eaten Food Off The Floor: Itnay buray din nahi aayee, Allah ka karam

Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Yes

Wished You Were Someone Else: Yes, once i wished that...

Cried During A Movie: Yes :$

Had A One Night Stand: Yes :(

Had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?: Yes =/

Had your heart broken?: aaa.... Haan

Had a good feeling about something?: Yes

Had a near death experience: Yes... 3 times or maybe 4

Swam in freezing water: Used to

Jumped off a house: Yes

Been attacked?: Yes

Bungee jumped: No, per i so wanna do it!

White water rafted: NO... mujheeyyy white water rafting kerni hai :(

Pulled an all nighter?: Yes, many times

Surfed: No :(

Lied about your age: Lol... Never

Broken a bone?: Thank God... No!


Describe Yourself In One Word: Complexed

Biggest Fear: Loosing people close to me

Biggest Mistake: Too many to just write about one!

Your Proudest Accomplishment: Creating a name for my self

#1 Priority In Your Life: To have a

Dream Job: Microsoft - As a Head Graphic Designer

Special Talents: Photography, Digital art, stain glass, painting, writing, composing beats.

Where Are You Right Now: At my place :p

Where Would You Rather Be: At her place ;)

Famous Person You Want To Meet: Dan Brown

Place To Visit Before You Die: Venice

Song Played At Your Funeral: Fades away by Adil farooqi

What are you listening to right now: Innocente - Dellibrium

What makes you happy: To see people around me happy just because of me

What did you do yesterday: Go to university

Won any awards?: Yes, won 5 - 9 awards

Are you a good driver?: Yes, every paki driver is good ;)

Gotten any speeding tickets?: Yes, once...

Are you double jointed?: Huh??? :s

Last time you showered?: 15 mins back

What's the last dream you remember?: It was more like a nightmare

What side of the bed do you sleep on?: Left

Do you dress up on Halloween?: No

Are you outgoing or introverted?: Outgoing

Do you ever wish you were famous?: Yes

Have you ever done anything illegal?: Yes, driving while listening to phone is illegal too... :p

Where will you be 12 hours from now?: In university

Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward?: Yes it is :$

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?: Yup, jeans t-shirt and a shirt over it

Is it easy for people to make you smile?: Yes, am a smily bacha =D

Does anyone hate you for no reason?: I am hated by many... most of them don't have a logical reason :)

Can you make yourself cry?: It's the easiest thing to do!

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?: Last night i slept alot, like 7 complete hours

Is your life simple or complicated?: It's simple... but somehow i make it complicated!

Are you taller than 5'4"?: Yes i am :)

What was your last place of employment?: A event managing company as the project manager :)

What color are your socks?: Black


Have you laughed until you cried: Yes

Have you found out who your true friends were: Yes i did, but am still in search of the truth

Met someone who changed you: Yup... even with that someone presently

Kissed anyone on your friends list: Yup :$

What were you doing at midnight last night: DUH!! Sleeping

Name something you CANNOT wait for: My khala coming from austrailia... (hun aa vi jao)

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Nope

What are you listening to right now: Runaway - Iio

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: There are lots of such things, per now i don't wish to allah ka karam whatever happens happens for a reason :)

Last time you saw your father : 3 weeks back

Most visited webpage:

Do people think you're weird?: Lol, yes

Are any of your friends mad at you?: At the moment yes!

What's one new thing you'd like to try?: Drugs

Would you get married before 19?: *sigh* i wish i could have... but well am already 20, and there is still no chance of it in the next 2 - 4 years :(

Can you crack your neck?: Nopee

Are you a bully? O_o: Hayeee... nahi toh!!

Do you type fast?: Oh yeah, as fast as anyone possibly can!

Do you get mad easily?: Yup, saroo houn full time (need to change this habit)

Do you like getting hyper?: I so love it :D

Do you like making kids cry?: Buhahaha! I do, i do!!

Who's your best friend?: Friends... Naam likha toh laraiyan ho jaye gi :p

What is the longest relationship you were in?: *sigh* 3 years.... with..... ahmmm


First surgery : Few months back, foot surgery

First piercing : Not as yet

First best friend : Umer imam ud din

First sport you joined : Taekwando

First pet : Parrot

First vacation : Bahrain

First concert : Annie and jal

First crush : My class fellow :p

Very FIRST memory? : Remedial classes, we used to stay till 5 and have fun in school... in remidial classes which were cumpolsory for whole class

First person you had a fight with?: my brother, who else :p

First time you rode a bike?: Bachpan main, per drove first time in 2001

First car: Datsun

First person you slow danced with: Samia rizvi... on valentines day :p

If your house was on fire, first thing you'd grab?: My computer hard disk and my cell phone, and some letters and cards which are in my drawer

First Movie You Saw: Can't remember... but i loved DEVIL'S OWN

First time you were afraid: Afraid real wala... was like when i was 13 sat in the pirate boat in an amusement park... and the safety thing opened... i was afraid like anything!!

First song you remember listening to: Vital signs - tayra aur mayra... ya phir hum rahein rahein... and oh yeah Yeh sham phir nahi aaye gi... these were my first songs which i could actually remember

First thing you'd do with 5 million dollars: Open up my own firm

First thing you notice when you look in the mirror?: My eyes

First impression of your bf/gf?: Reserved

As of Now

Your ex and You: Don't talk anymore

I am listening to: Lips of an angel - Hinder

Maybe I should: Go make some food for me

I love: her ;)

My best friend(s): bohat saray hain, i don't wish to discriminate... per yes umair and nimra you are definitly on this list

I don't understand: Why people are so diplomatic and two faced

I have lost my respect for: Some people whom i used to love

The meaning of my display name is: Its my name... it means Allah ka banda

I will always be: the EMO guy

Love seems to: play an important roll in my life

I never ever want to lose: 5 important people in my life...

I get annoyed when: people pretend to understand me and in real they don't

Do you like parties?: Yes i do

Today I: had a fun day, yet i wished you were here!

I wish: to be with you

Are you neat or sloppy?: Neat

What kind of clothes do you like?: Casual

Are you mad at someone?: Yes

What do you do in your spare time: Write, photomanipulation or photography

Do you have any medical problems?: I am mental :p ok on serious notes Migrain... and few minors!

What kind of car do you have/want?: Have a economical car... want a sports SUV

Do you like to read? What?: Yes, books :p i mean suspense fiction is more prefferred... but am not too choosy anything and everything which interests me is fine with me

Do you cook?: Yup

Would you do drugs?: I would love to try atleast once or twice

Have you ever written a song?: Wrote over 15 - 20 songs till now, i wish i had good vocals

Do you like poetry?: i LOVE poetry

Have you written poetry?: Yup, over 200 verses

Have you dated someone older than you?: *sigh* yes i did

How much older?: 3 years

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