Tear me apart

7:39:00 AM

I’m torn so deep inside,
There is no spirit to help me guide.
I love you were the last words said,
But now my soul is left for dead.
Tear me apart and show the rest,
My pain is just as you guessed.
I’m fallen and I’m tired,
Eternal sleep is desired,
I’m so torn apart,
Nothing can stop my bleeding heart.
I’m so hurt and I’m so lost,
I never knew this would be the cost.
Now I’m bleeding and losing air,
It would be easier if I knew you didn’t care.
Just take away my life support,
Please, it’s my last resort.
Quit telling me these lies,
Just start saying your goodbyes.
I’m torn apart; I’m tired of crying,
Don’t add to the flames, I’m already dying.
Now I’m just fading, there’s nothing left,
For life, I’m bereft.

Well this piece deserved to posted here as well this is/was originally for http://beyondthecanvas.blogspot.com anyways am still in love with what i made =D

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