Without you

7:50:00 AM

Ek jurm huwa hai hum se,
Kisi rishtey sey wafa ker baithain hain,
Kuch apna sa jaan ker usko,
Sub raaz bata baithain hain,
Phir usi rishte ki raah main,
Dil-o-jaan ganva baithain hain,
Is jurm ki aisi saza mili key,
Hum un sey juda baithain hain,
WOH yaad bohat aatain hain,
Jo Dil sey bhula baithay hain...
Without You,
I picked up my camera again and started to enjoy photography.
I got better at expressing my feelings through art rather then words.
I stopped taking my anger out on myself.
I stopped getting so angry.
I finally got over things on my own...
* and sorted things for others as well.
I started going to university.
* and met some really amazing people.
I rebuilt the gap between my brother and my best friend's rocky relationship.
I found new interests and hobbies.
I learnt to play cricket again.
I contacted old friends that I thought were long gone.
I laughed and I sang.
I danced in the rain.
I saw more beauty than I could possibly imagine.
I sleep better.
I pay more attention to the world around me.
I stopped being so depressed.
I learned not to be so afraid of failure.
I'm the me that I want to be.
I've no need to hurt myself anymore.
I'm seeing a better future.
I created some of my most amazing artwork.

Without your help I learned to fly.
* and without you,

I'll live... not die.

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