2:48:00 AM

I don't know what makes you think I'm so addictive, but I could clearly describe what makes you so addictive.... Almost everyone would fall for the ones that are being so kind to them. You, being the one who give me strength all along, giving me joy, oh, those jovial mood... The one's i can never resist? You know what this addiction will last forever and I will not try another drug, For you are the only one..... Oh i love you, love you alot.... And you blow me away, like the petals on a flower... taken off into the wind, to a land far far away. You make me believe in magic, like the first night star... shining onward in the night, then to disappear like magic. You make me your's yet forever free, like water flowing in the ocean coming and going as I please, yet your love remaing there for me.... You make me stand on the clouds, like an angel above the world... Without a heavy suffering heart, looking down from the clouds. You are in my heart... and its like inhaling a breath of fresh air.... You are with me which never makes me feel the sting of loneliness, oh yes am so addicted to you!

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