Distance won't kill friendship

2:04:00 AM

Miles apart from you
Driving on this lonely road
Friendless and alone again
Waiting for the scenery to change again
Moving far from those I love
From those I care about

I suppose it’s time to tell you then
No matter where I move
No matter how far away
You will always be my friends
Until my dying day

I always will remember
The good times
And the bad
The times that you were happy
The times that you were sad

Though distance may get longer
You’re always in my heart
Through thick and thin
Until the end
You’ll always be my friend

Miles stretching longer
The distance seems so great
But memories cross any distance
Beat any length of time
Cause in my heart, you’ll always be friends of mine

So with that I’m here to say
Never fret the distance
Don’t shed any of your tears
Just look into your heart
Memories last for years

i miss you alot

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