Friends - forever they'll stay

10:45:00 AM

Running though the dark
Alone and dreary
You start to slowdown
Now feeling weary

You stop and take a look ahead
And become shocked at the sight
All of your feelings become intense
Your emotions run wild, but you still give them a fight

For what you see in front of you are your friends
All standing there willing to lend you a hand
You try to turn them away, lying, saying that you’re fine
But they won’t leave, forever by you they will stand

Friends are like angels
They will stay until you’re all right
They’ll stay no matter what
Even if it takes all night

They’ll always be here for you
They’ll never turn away
They’re here for you
And forever they’ll stay

Where are my friends?
I see few of them,
but what about the ones which make all the promises,
the ones which say would never leave you,
the ones which show so much love for a moment,
i guess they aren't worth it!!

Last paragraph added after i lost two closest of my friends... per like nimzZz said, if they leave you for such minor things they never considered you a friend just a time pass who would keep them happy... So as usual am one of the best play toys available, coz am helpful :)... khair!!! Not feeling well! And *sigh* dad coming back today... i should be happy or sad can't distinguish... per lol i always have this mixed feelings about him =)

P.s finally its getting chilly!!

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