I don't wish to give a title :p

4:56:00 AM

Yeah well full time band baji hui hai.... coz of the bandages and stuff, ok so i was about to tell what happened... yeah well i'll tell you the story what everyone knows .... So the OFFICIAL story which the people at home and others except my university friends know is that I fell from the stairs which were like 8 feet high landed on my feet pressure para thats why got injured... so thats why in this state... and in real *sigh* lets not talk about that per the real height was 8 feets in length and 14 feet high... and i actually didn't fall bus kuch hua... khair choro!!

So the presentation went well... and a really good friend of mine Anam was leaving LSE going to LMDC for BDS so we gave her a farewell... had lots of fun there, although after coming back home my foot was completely purple and stuff... anyways here are some pictures and a video....

If anyone of you can guess what am about to do and note the height... that would be amazing :p

After the THING happened =$

My present condition =/
Yes it hurts alot

My new lappy

My Manager/Agent look :p

I had to get two injections just so i could come to university and present =(

After the presentation was over we went treated anam to a farewell party... although whole class wasn't there but still we were alot!!

The table dance :p

Me and Anam... oyee i'll miss you :(

Group photo

Ok so now the song video

SOMEONE everything i uploaded here is basically for you, yes i do miss you alot... things are bad at my side.... you know what i am still there for you... per today i need you and you aren't with me :(

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