Naked and torn

10:02:00 AM

When they look at me with such intensity, its like i'm stripped down to my soul and my hands are clutching myself... in vain... in desperate attempt, but spinning out of control. And its like i'm all alone with no one by my side (i know its not true but still), trying to cover myself with something..anything.... I don't want to feel the cool air on my skin.... I don't want to look like i've been crying..... But do you know how its like to be so naked? Its a sort of nudity that goes into the core, penetrates into the core of your soul and conscience makes you reflect on the shame you've felt before......

I am a psyco, am mad, retarded i guess.... I'm starting to imagine them pointing at me laughing at me and i wish i could be invisible.... This hallucination's slowly killing me, the thought of survival is almost critical.

And i know my thoughts are no longer clear... I run around with desperate fear.. The voices speak loudly in my head making me wish that I was dead... Slowly thinking I’m going crazy, finding everyone thinking the same but at the end of the day I know…

I'm stripped.
Naked and torn.

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