Time out

10:49:00 AM

I'm nearly out of time… Frantic for some few precious moments, I hold my breath.  A futile thing to do, I know, but maybe if I don't release it, that fateful last breath will never come.  There is still so much I need to do! So many dreams haven't come true and so many more were begun too late for me to see the fruit. The hourglass is almost empty, I can feel my heart giving way, so I stubbornly hold a hand out to her… my one true love, my brightest dream come true. Though the light in my eyes is fading, I can still see her beautiful smile - like a burst of sunshine in my dimming world.Aaahh... ok i know if i keep on completing what i was writing above lots of people are going to kill me :p so lets not make this post emo!!

Yeah time out i desperately need a time out... time to relax time to rest!! University life is hectic i know... but its just too much... Midz *sigh* khair they are finally over i got a D in math.. and am even ashamed to tell what i got in economics but yup i got an A+ in computers... rest is still awaited...

I think all of you have stopped reading my blog :( Coz like last post which i adore so much, only two people commented on it... Where are you all? Comment kero warna maroun gaaa!!! =$

Oh yeah this picture above was taken on LSE Idol where atif was the chief guest and i  was the official university photographer =D .... have pics uploaded on fb with him :p

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