25th december 2009 - 400th post

9:40:00 AM

First of all before i start i wann say MERYY CHRISTMAS to all those who celebrate it...

Ok so 25th is here, its going to be a tough day as many people are coming over (guest for dinner). Along with that its my dada abu's anniversary today (read next post). And well this is my 400th post... There was once a time when i had over 100 drafts and stuff waiting to get published but now, things have changed... I don't write the way i used to i don't express, I don't talk as much as i used to... silence have prevailed me i guess. But you know what there is nothing wrong in it... Silence has its own meaning own essence. A feel which i love, and adore... Does that make me sad? NO it doesn't, per yes it makes me cold... LOL ME AND COLD? something which most of the people i know won't belive per yeah am kinda cold according to MANY.....

Oh well i can talk about my self in any other post... so 400th post wow i used to talk alot... So i wanna thank all my readers for reading and commenting... although all my readers are gone now :( i think everyone is bored with me.. Per still i write for my own self... so i'll keep on writing.... So new readers YOU BETTER ALL READ AND COMMENT!!!

Flowers for all my readers and for my blog and for all those who are celebrating christmas :)

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