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Khabar-e-tahayyur-e-ishq sunn, na junoon raha na pari rahi
Na toh tu raha na toh mein raha, jo rahi so be-khabari rahi

Learn oh absorbing love that neither the obsession is left nor and the object of love survived. The only thing that is left is a state of self-unconsciousness... where neither you exist nor I exist....

 Mujhey be'khudi yeh tu ney... bhali chashni chakai.... Life is better when you don't know whats going on around you.... and you are so lost that you don't even have time for your own self... Such is the case with me.... Am lost in the wilderness of duniya dari, studies, life, world and keeping up relationships intact at the same time.... Its hard... But fun to loose your self in this state.... Music is a revival to my thoughts my sanity! Writing and saying absolutely random things have been a trend a passionate relief in my life... doing it again.... it should/would help... To know that i still have a world which is mine, a place which calls me OWN... a state of thought which would help me to get my lost consicence.... Am ok... at times am great... Kisi aarzoo ki dil main... kisi aarzo ki dil main nahi ab rahi samayee... mujhey be'khudi di tuney! Ha.... Na tamanna hai ab koi... naa justuju hai.... ek sans hai baki! Ek ehsas hai baki..... Cheen layna naah mujh sey is aarzoo ko aii duniyaa... jo mainey abhi dil main basaai!!!

I agree i write the most weirdest things at times....

Am still alive, final exams starting from monday... mamoo's engagement (held on friday, which contained my 2 months busy schedule and hard work) is finally over.... Thanks bloggers for keeping check up on me on facebook :p to know that am still alive.... for others who didn't add my link is: Facebook Link

Mayray pass say jo guzra, mayra haal tak naa poocha
Main kaisay maan jaoun key woh door jaa ker roya

HAyee!!! Happiness would always remain the absence of sadness for me

Na khayal -e-bandagi hai naah tammanna-e-khudai
Mujhey BE'KHUDI yeh tuney... bhali chashni chakaai!!

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