Yet another year passed without you

12:10:00 PM

Life... Life in all its shapes/forms is beautiful, engaging not to forget pure enticing, from the tiniest of tiny speckle of snowflake to the most ugliest creature is engaging and spell-binding..One can’t help but feel dizzy and bedazzled..but this very day..I stopped..I pondered!!
Though at times I’d wish it came with an instruction manual, you know that ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ list. Would have been much easier and way too practical to just turn over a new leaf or turn back to the chapter in life which froze us in eternity, when we were either frozen by fear or just by the frostiness of our feelings. When we were too frigid to realize or were just too wrapped up in ourselves..Yes at times I feel to turn back and defrost those frozen moments and relive them over and over again.
On a more prolific note..Life does come with that instruction manual, to be exact, our parents, bless them, who were there with us, for us, to guide us to the right path (to the best of their capabilities) ..Guide us and put our faiths back whenever life has been a little too harsh to bear/live...and take our failures as their own..for this really was the part of the deal..We are and will always be the extensions /reflections of our parents. In the advent, as they were guiding the way, we become a whole, an integral part of each other, so when one faction goes away, we end up being devastated and incomplete.
Yes parents and grand parents are blessings (amongst many other bestowed upon us) that keep us entrenched in life and living.So this being the reason for this post, as it has become customary to write a note in the loving memory of my dada abu,on his anniversary.
And as I was saying we (parent and children) become a part of each other, keeping this in view, this year I’ve decided to write /ponder on those more positive aspects of our lives together, and how even after leaving me, he has become a part of me,day in day out.
My dada abu with his refined taste and penchant for poetry, was a simpleton by heart, and a real people’s person. That one trait i feel, is becoming more visible in me now.I am becoming him .Surely I would still give anything to have an ounce of the wisdom and depth he had,to practice that affection, patience towards mankind and really feel their pain in my heart, to be as generous as him, to give to the poor first and treat them as our equal, and to be as God fearing and pious to spend most of his time in supplication and prayer...Yes, these were a few of many virtues he possessed naturally and with such ease.

Inna Lilah-e-wa inna ilah-e-rajuon..and to HIM we all have to return back one day..And that death is just a veil to separate us from those who have gone before us,and surely one day we will be reunited.
Life with all it’s wretchedness is still worth living..and as it keeps moving on..On this very day,i stopped,i pondered..if ever I am given a chance to live it all over again with you..I will..for you were my best Life instruction manual..and i will always miss your presence in my life.
Miss you Dada abu jee!!

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