2009 fades away

11:57:00 AM

Yes finally 2009 fades away and 2010 has started, 2009 can never be forgotten neither by me nor by Pakistan. Lots of things happened in this year, one of the major one if we talk about politics is Zardari! He kept on destroying our country and we couldn't do anything about it and he still is doing the same! I don't want to just write a hate content but seriously, look at our country... What has happened to it!
Electricity - loadshedding + INSANE increase of price
Gas - insufficent so loadshedding yet again
CNG - Strikes all over, CNG not available for two days in whole country... and we thought it was our natural resource
Diesel - expensive then before
Petrol - price fluctuation, insufficent as well... yet government wants to sell petrol more then they want to sell CNG
Bomb blasts - i can't even count how many blasts occured... recent one has left a mark in karachi as well
People died - mostly poor people died or middle class, rich still survive

What not.... i can go on and on about it, seriously atleast when Musharraf was here, we weren't this scared... ATLEAST he effing protected us! No matter how bad he was, he was not as bad as Zardari, and the word BAD is just an understatement!!

Anyways we still survived... we still fought with our own self i guess and were able to see the first sunrise of 2010... so HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, may this year be a surprise for us!

Seen a warrior’s burst of rage.. We have seen a martyr’s life outgrow his age... seen vile in great men... seen beauty in false women.. seen rivals of a genius... seen tyrants hailed among us... seen the envy of a friend... seen love draw its own end... We have seen a rainbow fade when it should stay... we have seen a summer wait for the next may... seen a leave wither from its youth... seen weathers play with our moods.... seen a victim plead for his right... seen a culprit with his last lie.... seen guilty hands turn to pray... seen aggression overwhelmed by grace...seen faith take hold of our reason... seen wisdom go out of season... seen hatred for a chosen prophet... seen sacrifices with regret... seen ironies turn to the truth... seen lies bearing the fruits... seen impact of just a thought... seen actions ending with naught... seen voices live longer than singers... seen a maestro play with bleeding fingers... seen life in a dead man’s painting... seen victors go down fainting... Seen the unseen... see hope live in all of US PAKISTANI's... hope for a better tommorow, hope for peace, harmony... we sacrificed alot in 2009 and we would keep on sacrificing each and everything we have just for a better tommorow... Let us just pray that as 2009 FADES AWAY and 2010 takes over with the bright sunlight everything gets better, everything ACTUALY GETS BETTER! And yes all we can do is pray..... at times we are dependent... and i guess this is one of those times! Happy new year..............

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