Idiotic fun

4:10:00 PM

Yesterday was fun, after like many days it was just plain fun... had gone out with my best friends to watch 3 idiots and then to dinner and after that we had a special sudden hot muffin and coffee party at my place... Karma missed you there yaar suchi main... Wished you stayed longer... and lol i wish i had taken the pictures of that hot dark chocolate filled muffins takay tumhay sarata :p buhahaha :p

So 3 idiots.. Well i personally loved it, seriously Amir khan has done it again... amazing... The story line as one of my really good friend told was inspired from a book, but if you see Amir khan and every one elses performance was really good... Especially i keep on repeating Amir khans name because he was the best, his every action, the way he spoke as well as his gestures were PERFECT! And the best part of the movie was they knew how to play with a persons emotion, lol the girl with whom i was sitting in the first half literaly started crying when one of the charachter died... And after little while she was laughing like crazy... (i guess woh saath wali hi cute si paagal thee :p) cute bolnay ka yeh matlab nahi key mainey us ko line maari!! I just think she was really cute =D
Waisey the most irritating thing was the ascent of Boman Irani. Yeah it was good when it was in Kaminey but don’t repeat the same thing and that too with such a irritating make up and hair style. I mean c’mon you don’t need the character to be hateful through make up. Let the script do it.... Secondly the word "AWL IS WELL" come onnnnnnn the word can make a baby kick?? Like WTF... at times it was good per phir bhi they over did that word i think... But anyways i still give the movie 9 out of 10 ... so anyone who wish to see it, gooo gooo for it without listening to what others think... A good laugh is always needed in our daily life :)

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