Random bongiyan

11:27:00 AM

  • Is so in love with my previous post (if you haven't seen it, gooo gooo now and see it)
  • Thinks that Lady gaga needs some donation to buy clothes
  • Has a really awesome and soothening playlist.... and is willing to share
  • Is thinking that this is not facebook status thingy then why is he being lame and writing foolish stuff...
  • WHY THE FUCK people return when you don't need them.... why do they come when everything becomes fine
  • DASH AURAT england jaa ker bhool hi gayee ho
  • Thinks being committed is just OVER RATED these days....
  • Chance pe dance was full time farigh movie
  • Sherlock homes was good
  • Its not necessary to marry your girlfriend... coz most of the times its just not possible to marry the same person
  • Love can happen like a million times
  • I am STILL in love with my previous post... hayeeee kya piccc hai!!
  • thinks he should end this foolish post, tenses ki mistakes hi bariend hain is main =/

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