6:30:00 PM

Yeh saal bhi guzra hai tayray pyaar ki maanin
Aatey huey kuch aur tha,
Jaatey huey kuch aur.....!

Don't expect anything good coming out of this post its just one of those post which i write when i feel like venting out something, yes am trying to come up with words! Words that would exactly define and explain what's going in my life... People used to say that "history repeats it's self" I never actually belived them untill the NOW. Yes it is repeating itself in a very strange way... Three people, linked again in a very strange way. Atleast two of them really know what they want yet only one can get what they desire... I really need to control on my self, i need to learn to be limited with people too much care spoils everything. Bhaiya used to say to me that not everyone should be treated in the same way their should be difference in the way you make other's feel. And whenever he used to say this i argues with him, told him its not possible for me. I wish i would have listened to him atleast i would know what i want and what i deserve.

I belive life is stranger then fiction yet another friend of mine says that life can never be compared with fiction.

Hayee mat khol mayray mukaan key udaas darwazay,
Hawa key shor meri uljhanein barha daingien,
Me khoob waqif houn apny dost ki fitrat se,
Wo jab dega dard to rula dega......

A person should know where to start and where to stop, i don't talk much. Ok thats a lie i still talk alot, but only when i am hyper and only with strangers. My friends complain that i don't talk much lol maybe its just because i am so madly in love that i don't realise that anyone is around me or maybe its because i feel comfortable in silence.

There's a new song SAJDA from the movie MY NAME IS KHAN i really like it... pata nahi its just do addicting...

I love without any condition it really is uncoditional love, i keep on talking to you without intention, i express everything to you even if its a minor thing to a major one, i just feel that i should give you anything and everything without a reason and yes i know i'll keep on caring for you without expection... Because i love you so much.... Ek aur muhabbat main woh junooun dalna mumkin toh naah tha per hum bhi phir woh hain jo jalti aag ko bhi thanda keh ker hath mom sey bhar laitay hain!
Roam roam tayra naam pukaray
Ek huey din raat humaray
Hum sey hum hi chinn gayein hain
Jab sey dekhain hain nain tumharay....

Ab jaan lout jaye
Yeh jahaan chut jaye
Sang pyaar rahay
Main rahoun naa rahoun...................!!!!
Keroun main tayra sajda

Sajda - My Name Is Khan.mp3

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