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Do’s and Dont’s for the Debates in LSE

1. Toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe is the ultimate don't.
2. Don't adjust your underwear in public. Someone will see you.
3. The white crocheted granny shawl: just say no.
4. If you’re a guy and you’re not Chuck Bass, do not wear purple.
5. Do not, under any circumstances, quote Gossip Girl unless you’re in the Media Team.
6. Sarcasm is funny, when used in the right situation. Don’t go crazy and start being sarcastic about every remark you hear unless you want to end up toothless.
7. Don’t graze your mighty derrière in the middle of a debate.
8. Don’t hit on your room president; desperation is so unattractive.
9. Do NOT feed the peacocks. Seriously, don’t.
10. Don’t forget to tip your time keepers.

1. Please enunciate.
2. In case you were wondering, ogling is acceptable.
3. Even if your time keeper is unappealing, do keep looking at those placards.
4. Remember to smile at your judges throughout the debate. You never know you might just get a phone number out of it.
5. If you’re fat, wear black.
6. Leftovers are absolutely allowed.
7. We know you look nice in red but do tone it down.
8. Study your opponent. You can exploit their weaknesses by turning them on.
9. Stay calm. Aggression will not win you any points.
10. Remember to greet your judge. (‘Good morning and totally hot for you, Sir’ definitely counts)

Some pictures which i took over there:

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