Hayee bad romance

5:30:00 PM

yes i still hate lady gaga... if she changes her designer i'll think of listening what the hell she sings... BUT THIS BANDIIII!!! UFFF hai yaar, i love the way she has sung this... and is key expression note kerna... itna enjoy ker key gaa rahi hai.... 
I know i have my economics exam tommorrow, per dil hi nahi ker raha to study... WHY OH WHY!!!! EXAMS KYUN BANAYAAA YAAA KHUDAAA EXAMS KYUN BANAYEE!!! *in a pathan voice*  I think i have a routine to write and upload most during my exam thingy :p  RAAH RAAH - ah - ah - ah! Roma - roma - mamaa!! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la !! Want your bad romance.... Try doing this... it so bloody hard raah raah tak hi sahi hai :s 

*hits head with the computer table* ohh ohh yaad aaya my lappy not working either :( pata nahi mayri jaan ko kaa hua :( :( 

*in depression goes back studying and ends this lame post*

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