My name is khan

11:27:00 AM

Kaise ishq se sajh gayi raahein
Jab se dekhi hai teri nigaahein
Ya khuda......
Main to tera ho gaya

My Name is Khan... A remarkable movie... two lines which i loved the most--- My name is khan and am not a terrorist and Repair almost anything.... Shahrukh khan did this time, although he was never the perfectionist sort but in this movie he was perfect...His acting was excellent, the movement, his speech, his eye movements everything were perfect. Even karan johar did a good job... Perfectly executed shots... And this movie is like a journey.... i give it a 9.5/10 and THANK GOD they didn't consider all muslims bad... They brought a really nice concept in the movie that there are only two types of people GOOD and BAD... Religion doesn't make people... people make religion... If you are good then its best... if you are bad then you don't deserve anything... AND OYEEEE KAJOL!!! Uffff she looks like she never aged.... 

Anyways... would leave you with a song...

My Name Is Khan-Allah Hi Rahem.mp3

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