Back from olympiad

8:47:00 PM

Hey there folks, well am back. Olympiad was amazing and well it gave lots and lots of exposure to me as got lots of things to learn while having fun. About the competition well *sigh* my stupid misunderstanding, i printed the picture of wrong size so judges decided not to include it, mine and 6 other university entries were dealt in the same way. BUT BUT BUT!!! I got an honorary award. The judge called me up on the stage infront of like 200 people and well gave flowers to me and told everyone that write my name in their books i'll be the one doing dhamal etc etc... Khair it was good. He selected my pictures for an upcoming exibition and also my pictures would be displayed in an exibition won't tell where as yet, don't wanna jinx it but yes it's going to be very big.

Anyways if you wanna see my entry click on the link below:

P.s Yes missed blogging and my virtual life :p :p

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