Society Seperates me

11:35:00 AM

The story of my six degrees of separation started when I opened my eyes in this world. Survival being the biggest challenge I face every day.

The first degree of my sufferings was separation from my childhood. Being born in a rag hut meant a life of destitute and disability.

Second degree of separation is my deprivation and hunger. Every day the first and foremost challenge I wake up to is my starvation. I leave home in search of food to fill up my ever starved stomach and of my family’s. Sometimes I have to beg you just for food to satiate my starvation.

This leads on to the third degree of my sufferings, separation from my ego.
Though sometimes I wish, hiding my face away would make my reality disappear or transform.

Fourth degree of my sufferings, leads on to my separation from the society. I will never be termed as an honorable member of the society. So I feel liberated, and take pleasure in only pleasing my own self as and how I desire.

Fifth degree of my sufferings is my separation from a life of leisure and luxury. Hard work is the keyword in my survival challenge.

Sixth degree is my separation from a life of fulfillment and individuality. But this never stops me from sharing a laughter around with my friends and family.

All worn out and bare feet, I stand on the ground with my eyes full of dreams and my soul full of yearning. I’m yearning for a glimpse of compassion, a comforting pat of unselfishness, to bring me the hope of living another day, to SURVIVE this insane separation.

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