Spring semester OVER!!

12:01:00 PM

YES FINALLLLLYYYY!! Its over!!! Spring seeemester over *does the chingaa laalaaa dance*. Waisey this semester ended quickly, but felt every PAIN,ANGUISH and NIGHTER which i spent doing projects, assignment and preparing for finals and mids... Yeshh i'll remember this one, coz learnt alot, changed a lot and did many other things in this one and oh yeah had lots of fun as well..

Now I think I have holidays for 10 days though I have participated in a Shakespearean play and would be acting so I think I'll have to spend time rehearsing....

So anyways, am all up for watching movies and stuff... so calling all lahoris any one interested just gimme a buzz....

And am soooo waiting for this movie--- go watch trailer :p

P.s Hoping to see the movie UNCENSORED ;) ;)

P.p.s Should I change my banner now? And make it something bright or keep it dull?

AND AND ANDDD!!! Before i end i have to mention one blog, check this blog out => http://herfragments.wordpress.com coz is ney mayri jaan khai rekhni hai if i don't :p :p (i know you'll at least think of killing me after i said this but then you'll remember how nice i am and totally forgive me :p)

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