31 May 2010

10:11:00 PM

Saans rukti kahan hai kisis ki khatir
Ye safar to hai bas khudei ke khatir 

lamha lamha zindagi ka hai haazir
Musafir hai, musafir

Chalte hain woh bhi jo tham jaate hain
Raaston se bhi aagey kadam jaate hain
Koi thehra kahan hai btaa phir
Lamha lamha zindagi ka hai aakhir

People walk, and walk and walk... Life keeps on going on... I don't know why but as days pass am getting more sedate as time passes. Silent, SAROO, difficult. That's what I am becoming. Yet am loving my expression these days as well as the things which am making. Oh yeah I'll always be the self obsessed ubaid... Nothing can change that, but changing the self proclaimed part I NEED.

I have always been the excitement of a new found friend.... Yet regret when it comes to an end.... Don't know what's wrong... I know I'm the whisper without meaning, the promise that isn't worth keeping; I'm a tear without weeping, a guardian whilst you are sleeping, I'm the thorn without a rose, the invisible ink when writing prose... But does that make me always right or wrong? I don't think so.

Maybe its just the hot summer days.... I have my Math exam tomorrow, prepared as much as I could... But lol after all its math how can I be good at it :p

Yes this post has no purpose... not that any of my post has except the social causes am into... but well writing coz feel like writing... Why do people see things when they don't need to? Why do we hear the words which our ears and brain doesn't wish to. Why does our heart beat at times when its supposed to be still. And why is my playlist being weird and making me listen to such nice songs but all dark, gloomy sad... like the one am listening to Vital signs - Dair ho gayee... Anyways SHUFFLE rocks ;) 

Baarishon ke ye mausam to pal bhar rahe
Khushak aankhon mein bheege se manzar rahe
Ek ehsaas ki ungli ko thaam ke
Tai kar raha hoon main, marhale shaam ke
Lamha lamha zindagi ka hai aakhir
Musafir hai, musafir

P.s Thanks for my new followers which are Maryam, Salman, Sanjay, Mr. Pramathesh, Ms.R, Tyler, Aeishah, Sunakshi and Crazy Diamond.... Yes a very long list :)

And oye dua kero I pass maths.... Pehley hi stupid math mayra cgp gira raha hai...
and now my playlist plays SYNDICATE - The Fray....

Zindagi ko sabhi kuch kahan hai mila
Saans ka har kadam deta hai ye salaa
Jo na mila woh maujood har pal raha
Waqt mujhme hai tehra main chalta raha

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