And he lied

5:31:00 AM

The closer I get to you, it's like I'm sure of the inevitable
I'm sure that my heart beats more and more like a steady drum
Bold and fast, and yet still so empty deep inside
My eyes are more awake with you
They turn so blue, so in love with you

*whistling and writing in a very happy mood, while she enters*

She: Since when have you started lying?
He: Lying? Hahahaha!! When did I lie?
She: You told her that you don’t love her! You told her that you are with someone? You made her feel miserable by telling all the lies you could tell.
He: It’s true! I love someone else.
She: What? Who? When? Listen don’t lie to me!
He: There is a girl *while looking here and there* I love her.
She: *hits him on the shoulder* what the hell are you trying to do? Why are you doing this with her, in fact what the hell are you doing with your own self. You know you love her the most, you have always loved her the most. You were the one, who always said that you can’t find enough words to describe how much you love her, even a thousand poems strung together could not express your love for her. Not even a million words could explain it. Now what? All of a sudden it fades away?
He: *bows down eyes* I have to do this.
She: But why?
He: You know very well why! I can’t be with her forever, yes I love her. She has always been the world to me and I have always belonged to her. I don’t want to describe what she means to me. But you know for me she is the wind on a hot summer day, she is the rain after the hot summer day; she is the sun after the rain. She is the tic to the toc, she is water to the plants, she is the oxygen which I need to breathe and she is the salt in my ocean.
She: *screams* THEN WHY???
He: *solemnly and meekly* because I want her to be happy… I want her to move on, I want her to get out of this insane phase which she is going through.
She: So you are killing her and telling her to be happy?
He: I AM DYING! Can’t you understand this? Each day, I lose a little more of myself. By the time death comes, I’ll already be gone. Tell me what else should I do? Tell me why should I make her suffer the way I am? I’m falling and this time I can’t get up. The only thing I can do is that I can pick up the missing pieces… Sorting out the pain; my soul is already dead and falling apart. As it doesn’t care for it doesn’t feel it’s just there, lying dead in an emotional graveyard. My soul does rot in the pain it causes. Especially when I miss her there is no escape… Only the deadness inside a decaying soul smashing my heart creating the mess… How can I see her in pain? How can I…
She: Ssshhhh!!! Calm down, come here *hugs him* relax!
He: *tears in his eyes, in her arms* tell me did I do wrong?
She: *sad* No you didn’t. You have to be strong… You have to let her move on. You have to see her with someone. You have to suffer her hatred.
He: Hmmm…

*she goes away and he feels the urge to write and starts penning down his heart out*

I once swore that I'd never hurt you.

Once upon a time, I made promises to stay by my side. I once promised that I'd no longer lie alone, being taken over by my own shadows. I promised to hold your hand through hardships and never let you go. I promised, you were the only one for me. And even after all the times people had bought people's lies in the past, only to be twisted and panged as a result, you thought I was different. YOU Believed.

But now how can I save you when the world is crashing down around me. Utter terror is everywhere I see, in my soul, in my heart. I struggled to find my place in life. But now how can I put aside my flaws and weaknesses and make it all go away? How can I ease the pain, how can I cease the tears? I said I'd never make you cry.

You should have listened to all the signs. You believed even though all the signs showed that something like this would happen... You shouldn't have.

Now the only thing I wish is that, in fact I hope that you move on. Be happy, live a life where there is no me, where a word like sadness wouldn't exist.

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