birthday blast

9:33:00 AM

Had fun on my birthday, the whole day was working on the projects and finally I have a business card and a logo =D anyways.... In the evening played cards with my friends, somehow I am so into RUNG (card game) these days that play that a lot.... And at night had awesome fun time with my friends and I know you wanna see the cake so here are the pictures:

Yes a 5 pound Mocca Java cake, and trust me it was hugeeeeeeeeee

yeah more pictures coming up so I could sarooofy you people :p

I really would have liked if i would have celebrated with you people as well

Anyways, this was my birthday had fun.... But lol all two people from my past and the current one didn't wish me.... How come attitude, anger, ego is far more important to people then the person they love? Ironic isn't it.... Khair THANK YOU ALL for wishing me...

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