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10:34:00 PM

hehe i know weird name... Am such a weirdo i guess....anyways just wanted to update my life, don't know why but aiweeeeeeeeeennn...

- you still not talking to me, yes I miss you.... JALDI WAPIS AA JAO!!!!

- I love you 

- oh just heard the news 2 bomb blasts in peeru's cafe, which is near my house :( :(

- launched an event managing company, 15th may our first event a cool fashion show

- am launching my brand line of t-shirts for guys and girls which would be fully customized.... not a new idea but yes my designs are unique

- Oh oh... Nic said "Ubaid writes, he doesn't advertise. But he makes me just wanna read his stuff, see his photography. He touches the heart." which was soo soo sweet of her

- am taking too much interest in photography I guess check

- I thought I was going to update my life, its more like being self obsessed and talking about me me me, which I usually don't mind :p :p :p

- Today was a good food day, went to Arizona grill in the noon had an awesome stake called CHIMICHANGA (weird name hai na?), after that just had AFC (yes we have lots of copy cat KFC thingies in lahore :p) and the best part was ek rupeya vi nahi laga =DD donoun muft bari aaaaa tuttutututttuuuuuu :DDD

- mayray ko psp khelna hai per mayra kutta kameena bhai jaan nahi chor raha :(

- yes you can realise how desperate I am to update key main bakwasiyaaat upload keray jaa raha houn

- Pakistan ka match kitna boring hai.... koi out hi nahi ho raha maray jaa rahein hain.... YES WE ARE LAME PEOPLE WHO CAN NEVER BE SATSFIED :p

- I saw that Percy Jackson Lighting thief wali movie.... FARIGHHHHHHHHH full time farighhhhhh starting was good per it was not worth it... am the sort which likes dialogues us mai koi acha dialogue tha hi nahi... full time tayein tayein fishhhh.... oh per at times the girl looked hot *devilish smile*

- why are you doing this with me and with you don't you bloody know I care for you??


- lol mayri kisi post mai bachi ka zikar naa ho toh acha naa ho? Yes I am calling a girl BACHI 

- Miss fati where the efff are you?

- people think I have bought a dslr but don't they know I SOOO SOOO want a DSLR

- my birthday is coming up on monday

- and monday my uni is still off... my new time table is fit i have saturday to monday off... dhum chik dhum chik


chaooo ;) (no you can't judge my mood at the moment, am having mood swings *sigh*)

Notes to my own pathetic self: make a new banner for this blog, a bright one a very very bright one (impossible yet have to)

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