Isn't it beautiful

9:25:00 AM

Walking in the distance,
Leaving my footsteps behind
In the depths of the world,
One by one
I watch it go,
Hand by hand I seize each day
'Till, alas, I achieve it-
That moment I am able to be
With the one,
My one and only.

I walked a mile to be with that one --
The one who can make me cry,
Laugh even in tears,
Smile in fury,
Despise in love,
She's the one I know-
Who says, "Smile"
When I'm crying,
Cursing at the world for
The wrongs in life.

Suteki da ne? (
Isn't it beautiful)
To be with that one person,
The one who turns yourself
Inside and out
With simple words
Of grace, eloquence, and honesty
In a matter of seconds.

I watch my fury disperse
To nothing but rain drops I know
When I walk beside her,
Trace my fingertips with her
Knowing that each issue,
Dissolves once she intertwines
Her fingers into mines
As we walk each path
One by one

But now it seems nothing
Nothing more then a dream
Isn't it beautiful?
Suteki da ne?

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