Love, devotion, seperation - Journey

11:04:00 PM

Sitting here; staring into a picture... Not noticing the subjects just my face staring back... At least, I thought it was me finding instead an image of one scared, lonely, freezing, empty person just trying to find meaning in anything at all. Memories at times take over me; I remember the times. The times of grief and sorrow when I was with you. The time when I used to hold you and made you melt in my arms while taking away your grief and making it my own... I remember the time when you used to cry and I used to be all teary while whipping your tears away. I remember when you used to get hurt and I stood there with you as hurt as you were and even more... I even remember the times of all the pain when we used to be together and held floods of tears and despair while making through easily out of all the miseries of life.

I thought you were the answer to every prayer I had offered... You were my dream, my wish, my song, my only desire, in fact the only prayer I ever offered. You were my ecstacy which made me drown so badly that the only thing I remembered when I was with you was my existence laid inside your soul. Even our souls were one giving faith, love and happiness to the other one....

But now everything has changed. I lit a candle for you watched it burn itself into oblivion. I watched it surround itself in the one thing that could put out its flame. The one thing that could destroy its light. I watched your candle... I cried.

How are you going to breathe when you see me back on the path I created for myself? How will you remain happy when you see me knowing where am I going to turn at the time of escaping... Yes what will happen when you need to escape... Escape from the memories which would give you always a divine feeling.

Mujhey kis tara sey mitao gee....
Meri dosti ki balain lo mujhe
Hath utha key duwaien doh mujhey

I guess it was the way we lost ourselves in each other so far...far away. That’s the thing which makes it hard for me to detach to return to where I came from to find my way on the path I created in the first place to bring myself to the conclusion that I am going in circles.... Downward spiral...

Thak sa gaya hai mayri chahtoun ka wajood
Ab koi acha bhi lagay toh kabhi izhaar na keroun ga.......

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