You never forget first love

9:10:00 PM

You never want to let go your first love.... It gets knotted in your marriage while you are encircling Agni(The sacred fire). Its read with every verse of nikah(verses for marriage) and gives warmth to the first kiss of marriage in the church.
You are not aware of it but its present in every single move you make... Random things in life make you feel nostalgic and you don't remember why... there is a hole, a small reserved black hole of whose location in heart you can not fathom... you can not erase it no matter how hard you try.

it goes with you in your grave or gets cremated to dirt and is blown away with your ash, or is eaten by vultures, every single piece of it on the tower of silence with your flesh.

Was bored had nothing to do... lol so was reading this on my Ex's site so posted.... I use to believe this too... but what the eff, I guess some people hurt you so much and do so many things to you that you just want to remember them, pata nahi! LALALA!!! I need chocolate!!! 

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