5 parts of me - That actually blog =D

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Yeah I know I love featuring my friends, but I was bored very much bored and working on my project and needed some thing to breathe so thought why not feature all those who blog. Not all below but many of them have been brought into blogging coz of me (yes I love being important, self obsessed, self proclaimed and someone just told me I love self pity too :p). Anyways all of the people featured below have their own importance, value and ufff hain mayray liye ;)

So here is the list of 5 parts of me IN NO PERIODIC ORDER larna mat naa hi mayray ko marna pleajjj


He is the the myth that they've imagined into to life.... LoL yeah thats what he says about him self, well he is my bestesttt friend actually more like a brother! WOH BHI ELDER ONE! kutta marta bhi hai mayray ko =/

An awesome writer, actually the one who motivated me to write in the start, inspired me to write bigger words. I love his expression, khud insaan jaisa bhi hai per likhta acha hai :p

Doesn't write much, I guess finally he has lost his expression or maybe the will to write, anyways whenever he does write he'll be mind blowing :)


I wish words could define what she is for me... My twin soul, a part of me... My love...

My mind no longer stays,
Yet stretches out beyond,
I take your hand.
Feelings can't just be explained
Passion is at its peak
Confusing with company
A pair of spinning machinery
In unison creating beauty
But destruction is also born
As we come close
How can I explain the fire in your eyes
The flame in my heart
You are the light of my life
The bright burning orange
If you fade I fade too
Twin flame
I was made for you
Burn with me again
Twin flame
Twin soul
Your passion burns scars
In the heart of my soul
Without your warm touch
I can easily loose control
of the fire inside
how can I describe
how much I love you.
You are my Twin soul
A part of me
My property
My everything
I love you
If you fade I fade too
Forever together
U & ME
each others


She indeed is a good writer, the best part of her is that she doesn't need long words or essays to express what she feels... She just summarizes them beautifully in lines. And I especially love what she replied back to my post P.s I love you one....


Okay ab is motiii key baray main kya kahoun?? hmmm ahmm ahmmm. Well first of all no she ain't a motii asli wali but I just love calling her that. Never ever met her, she's in canada for God knows how long (oye wapis aa jaa hun tainu tayra deshh pukaray :p :p) She is full time filmy, emo and ahmmm ;) (samjh jao naah)

She started blogging when I forced her, but now she is doing it willingly and has lots of reader MOSTLY GUYS WHO STALK HER :p :p

Khair, a nice person and would always understand and listen to you and bohat wailii hai so you'll always find her online ALMOST ONLINE :p

I did make something for her in the past when I forgot her birthday which I still love a lot :D


Fama... hmm ahmmm ahmm ;) Kiddo maylaa... She is the youngest among this list, her sister is among my best friends and this piece is just very special for me as I love bugging her and LOL especially making her jealous

She just started blogging, and I know one day she'd even write well. But she already has her HOTNESS and her UFFFNESS in PAINTING, for an amature she is pretty amazing in what she does... Care free and loving and oh yeah at time batameez (khair changing now, ab wali achi hai) she is nice and cute :)

And I know you are not bemaar is liye mai call nahi keroun gaa :p


Last but not least, someone who is a SOMEBODY :p Actually everyone is different but she hmmm is VERY different, and currently she is changing a lot. Her name I jaan poochafy and placafy in the end coz she hates lime light, she hates being known.

A great calligraphy artist, and a person who is superb in nature, understanding. I love talking to her as she doesn't judge me by what I say, she has already made a picture of me in her mind and she sticks with it.

And lol is ko bhi tang kernay ka bohat mazaa aata hai

And oh SHE LOVES cats (hahahah i know you are a cat hater :p)

And I did a collaboration with her, I mean her calligraphy and my work... which is one of my favorite of all time:

There are more people in my life too but these at the moment are the ones which deserve to be mentioned :)

P.s I love them all

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