A declaration against all hope

9:53:00 PM

In cold and unhappy times
Hoping is my terrible crime
Devilish hope she sings to me
Of countless dreams and fantasies
Whispering sweet tunes and melodies
Believe in me she does decree
And I will then set you free

She soothes my soul, to scar my heart
She vows to stay, just to depart
No need to hurt, she does declare
Offering empty vows of repair
Tell me now, is that fair?
To leave me thus, in despair?

Vile hope torments my soul
When she is trying to skilfully console
Telling her scandalous tales
Guarding till reality unveils
Her bold pretensions and comforting deceit

Wicked hopes temporary feat
For when real life quickly heats
Snickering hope again retreats

Life is weird the way it is....

Some days your hollow words I will not crave
Though my days will be coloured in grey
Your treacherous lies I will not obey!

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