9:55:00 PM

Kitni bay-kaif si reh jati hai dil ki basti
Jab chup chaap badal jatay hain toot key chahnay walay

In utter chaos exists a calm and peaceful mind... Exists a place where everything is fine... I am not that weak yet I can't find this place, not in life nor in my wonderland.

Voices around me are becoming so distorted. Calm as the thunder, broken and messed up in a slumber. Watching the sun dies down into the fallen storm of rain. Raining my passion, my existence... my dreams... The pain, pain it drives us madly insane, strictly plugging through the outside. Everything left, but the eternal refrain.....

Un ka anchal hai key rukhsar key pairahan hai
Kuch to hai jis hui jati hai chilman rangeen
Jane us zulf ki mohoom ghani chaon mein
TimTimata hai woh aveza abhi tak key nahin
Gul hui jaati hai afsurda sulagti hui shaam

Stardust to the shadows the depths from inner soul mending a new to glow and pop some control, everlasting potion to swallow. Getting used to all this, repeating the same thing again and again not just to redeem my self but because destined. I wish I could drift off into a deep sleep where memories get harder to keep, gently fading into a sweet nothingness. A sleep in which my the pain dies down, making it much less. Even though this isn't right but I am wishing for someone to save my tainted soul but I guess I'll be the one who'd save him self, saving myslef and once again becoming whole. I just wish that I drift into such a sleep... I see the sun set, remembering myself and still existing....

Gulshan mein bahar aai key zindan hua aabad
Kis samt se naghmon ki sada aati hai dekho
Gul hui jaati hai afsurda sulagti hui shaam

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