Ecstasy Unraveled

7:11:00 PM

Drown yourself in passion; drown yourself in love or just let the music take control over you. Let your feet thump, your body groove. Let the ecstasy unravel, and take full control of your emotions and soul. Tight-knit hours and an abundance of demands. Let us consume each slot of that day, catch moment, and thought, all passing by every day. From sunset to sunrise give yourself up to remember a moment where everything becomes quiet except the beats and your soul thumping to it.

Linear is bringing to you an event which would rock you up; we know that everyone is tired from all this summer heat and the political trauma going on, so why not celebrate summer with us? In a passionate style with live DJ, awesome dance floor and a pool which is worth diving in along with some surprise methods of entertaining your souls.

So let yourself free from all the tasks and exams and all this summer heat and enjoy with us at our extravagant venue.

Couples and girls only! No stags allowed.


For more information and inquire contact:
Ubaid:  03234800342

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